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Georges SPIRO

French painter born in Poland, Warsaw 1909. Arrives to Nice, France in 1942, where he starts collaborating with a furniture manufacturer in the creation of articulated toys. During his free time he paints gouaches. By the end of W.W. II, Spiro signs up the French Army and later becomes a French citizen. In 1946, separated from all his close relatives ( his wife had died in a concentration camp and his mother died in Besançon) , Spiro tries to find his brother refugee in England He manages to show a dozen of his works in London, where he sells almost everything and decides to become a full-time painter. In 1948, Spiro exhibited in France for the first time where he received the “Young Artist Award” and since then, his exhibitions vary from Paris, where he obtains very good critics, to Bern and Cannes where he is launched by a well known movie star. One year later, he is already exhibiting in the U.S.A. where an Art gallery in New York would represent him for many long years. Spiro surrealistic images were painted with realistic details and techniques.His pallet allures us. Each isolated tone, each nuance of a colour speaks an unambiguous personal language. Even when Spiro paints the incomprehensible one, it retains us by the luminosity and the range of his colours. Some of these works must be regarded as pure symbols of our torn world mostly with a touch of irony and piercing humour, exposing an impression of a terrible loneliness from all that is human. Self-educated, Spiro is devoted without reserve to the tendencies of the school which the Art critics label today as "Surrealism". His works are represented in some of the most important Art museums all over the world. Spiro died in Nice, 1994.
Georges SPIRO

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